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Skilled Attorneys For Professional Malpractice Claims

There are several professional occupations that require individuals to be licensed in order to practice in their chosen field. The licensing bodies in charge of regulating these professions can institute actions to suspend or revoke licenses for a number of reasons. Clients may also file suits when they believe that these professionals failed to live up to their required obligations.

Whether you are seeking to hold a professional accountable for negligence, or if you are in a regulated field and your livelihood is threatened with a professional malpractice suit, we are here to help. At McLeod Law Group, our lawyers aggressively protect the rights of our clients on either side of these complex issues. With law offices in San Diego and Denver, our lawyers handle claims throughout the western United States.

A Versatile Practice Covering Professional Omissions And Errors

Our firm has defended and pursued claims against a wide variety of professionals, giving us a broad perspective on this area of law. Because of our strong insurance law practice, we are especially adept at handling issues pertaining to errors and omissions and professional liability insurance coverage involving insurance agents and brokers. We also have represented individuals on both sides of claims connected to design professionals and others connected with the construction industry.

We explore all available options in these cases, including identifying and pursuing a variety of pre-suit processes geared toward resolution in the hopes that we can find a reasonable resolution before a trial becomes necessary. In addition to the litigation aspect of this part of our practice, we also advise professionals on a variety of risk management and mitigation approaches to limit potential issues before they become larger problems.

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