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Recovering Insurance Benefits For Pharmaceutical Companies And Professionals

Manufacturers, distributors and other businesses in the pharmaceutical industry provide life-saving drugs and treatment to patients. The highly-specialized nature of this industry means that companies are almost always in a vulnerable position. Despite taking out insurance, when drug lawsuits and other problems arise, the insurance companies often do not fulfill their end of the contract. Pharmaceutical companies are left in a severely compromised position, with possibly significant financial impacts on their business. This is when the services of an experienced insurance recovery attorney are of utmost importance.

At McLeod Law Group, with offices in San Diego and Denver, we help pharmaceutical companies located throughout the Western United States with insurance recovery disputes and insurance planning matters. Our attorneys stand up for businesses in the pharmaceutical industry, fighting back against the insurance companies who fail to honor their policies and pay amounts required when claims are filed.

We Understand The Risk Inherent In Your Industry

Nearly every day, pharmaceutical and drug companies are making advancements in modern medicine. This requires these companies to take chances in order to push medical science forward, and these advancements come with great risk. While companies spend extensive time in research and development, there is no way to be sure that all potential concerns are addressed. Defective drugs or devices, as well as other major issues that may arise, can cause significant financial hardship for companies who are fully invested in a positive outcome. We provide pharmaceutical companies with a broad range of legal services, including helping them recover on polices protecting against:

  • Errors and omissions a third party alleges to have caused them financial harm
  • Professional malpractice
  • Product liability, in the event a drug is alleged to be unsafe or other errors such as manufacturing defects or inadequate labeling are alleged to have resulted in bodily injury
  • Mass tort lawsuits
  • Government investigations
  • Business interruption
  • Disputes regarding patents, trademarks and other intellectual property
  • Employment disputes

Our practice is not limited to representing businesses in coverage disputes with their insurers. We also assist businesses who wish to minimize the potential risks they are facing by working with them to create comprehensive insurance coverage plans. We have the experience and skill in insurance litigation to help our clients avoid disputes whenever possible, and to resolve them efficiently by litigation or ADR when they do arise.

Strategic Planning And Detailed Guidance For The Pharmaceutical Industry

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