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Strong Representation For Hospitality Industry Insurance Claims

Hotels, restaurants, casinos and other businesses that make up the hospitality industry know how competitive things can be day-to-day. The smallest issue can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Companies can try to plan for the future by taking out insurance to cover potential problems, but unfortunately, the insurers who sell these policies will sometimes fail to meet their end of the bargain. Businesses are often left scrambling to determine the options available to them when their insurer fails to pay a valid claim.

At McLeod Law Group, with offices in San Diego and Denver, our attorneys have significant experience helping hospitality companies throughout the Western United States who have issues related to insurance coverage disputes, including bad faith. Hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality industry businesses turn to us when they need a strong voice in the legal system. As trial attorneys, we are not afraid to push back when an insurance company fails to honor its obligations. Our track record in insurance recovery cases speaks for itself. We have worked on several multimillion-dollar claims for our clients, delivering them results when they need it most.

The Many Risks Of A Competitive Industry

There are very thin profit margins on hotels, restaurants, casinos and other types of hospitality businesses, and insurance offers protection when things outside of their control result in business losses. Because of our extensive experience in handling insurance recovery matters across a wide range of industries, we know the tactics that insurers use to avoid paying their insureds.

For companies who feel trapped in a no-win situation, know that there are options available. We draw upon our knowledge of the hospitality industry and insurance laws to help our clients craft coverage plans that maximize their protection against risks such as:

  • Premises liability and other types of personal injury claims
  • Data breaches
  • Losses arising out of health code violations
  • Property damage
  • Claims of harassment, discrimination and other employment violations

We clearly understand how an insurance dispute can cause significant problems for businesses, and for the bottom line. We aggressively develop a strategy to help companies receive everything that they are entitled to under their policy. In the event that the insurance company does not respond to our requests, we have prepared for trial from the onset of a case and are ready to protect you in litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

In addition to litigating disputes, we are also able to help hospitality companies who have questions or concerns about their insurance coverage strategy. Laws change frequently, and even a seemingly minor modification can have a devastating impact on your responsibilities going forward. We help companies understand what they can do to be proactive and limit potential risks before they become larger problems.

Guidance, Planning And Litigation For The Hospitality Industry

Our team of skilled professionals has the knowledge your company needs to protect its bottom line. To speak to one of our lawyers, call our San Diego office at 619-433-6682 or send us an email. We work with clients throughout the Western United States.