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Insurance Recovery Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

When your company or organization is asked to pay increasingly exorbitant premiums, you have a right to expect the insurers to be responsive to your company’s or organization’s loss and to have the prompt and effective assistance of the insurer when a suit is filed. You also have the right to expect that the losses will be adjusted reasonably. Your company paid to be protected in the event of litigation and has a right to expect that the case will be handled with effective counsel and that policy limits will be made available to resolve the case for a reasonable amount.

In short, both you and your company have every reason to expect and demand that your carrier step in and protect your interests when losses or claims arise. And if that does not happen, you and your company have an asset in McLeod Law Group to evaluate your rights claims for coverage and help you develop a strategy for obtaining what should have been provided.

At McLeod Law Group, with offices in San Diego and Denver and with attorneys licensed throughout most of the western United States, we are capable of protecting your rights wherever your loss may have occurred and wherever you or your company has been sued. We know how to make insurance companies pay, and we know how to implement strategies, whether informally or as part of a bad-faith lawsuit, to achieve that result efficiently and effectively.

Handling A Broad Range Of Claims

We handle insurance litigation for businesses and individuals in a broad range of industries. The scope of our practice includes:

  • Construction and commercial real estate insurance recovery: We have a proven history of success handling insurance recovery for construction businesses, professionals and other parties involved in a construction project, from national home builders to regional contractors to artisan contractors and to design professionals. We also have achieved wide-ranging recognition for helping our clients in the construction industry and the commercial real estate industry implement and enforce risk transfer and mitigation methods on top of our insurance recovery practice.
  • Pharmaceutical industry insurance claims: Our lawyers help pharmaceutical companies offering detailed guidance to businesses who have a host of legal issues related to insurance coverage matters, including products liability concerns, business interruption matters and employment disputes, as well as with risk management and mitigation issues.
  • Tech and biotech: We help tech and biotech industries across the western U.S. with their insurance law needs such as claims regarding the theft of intellectual property, issues arising in clinical trials, as well as property damage concerns. Likewise, we also assist companies in these industries with developing practices and procedures that identify and reduce risks that may arise due to changing laws of market conditions.
  • Hospitality industry claims: We understand the legal and insurance needs of California hospitality industry businesses, having worked on several multimillion-dollar projects throughout the region. We help companies determine the appropriate action to take when insurance companies deny valid claims that result from data breaches, construction issues, as well as other regulatory concerns that arise. We can also provide detailed guidance and work together to develop procedures that help hospitality companies identify potentially problematic areas and implement plans that mitigate risks connected to these matters.

We explore creative strategies to help our clients maximize their insurance recoveries. In some cases, a strongly worded letter suffices. When negotiation offers an attractive outcome, we come to the table with intensive preparation and attention to detail, providing maximum leverage to our clients. As skilled trial lawyers, we are always prepared to fight for our clients’ rights in court, including bad faith litigation.

Customized, Strategic Insurance Recovery Solutions

Our team is prepared to offer custom analysis and guidance to help resolve outstanding insurance matters. To learn more about what our firm can do to help your company, contact our law firm online or call us at 619-433-6682.